Performance Review Training

  • Live workshops run by experienced coaches
  • “Ask an Expert” sessions for ICs and managers
  • Science-based micro-learning platform
  • Facilitation guides, discussion points, and activities

Successful performance management can increase employee trust in leadership, HR, and managers by 2x to 4x.

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Train your managers in a way that works.

Live workshops, on-demand content, group coaching

Ask An Expert Sessions

Let us facilitate an hour-long Q&A/coaching session focused on Performance Reviews, where both ICs and Managers can attend and submit questions in advance, like:

  • How can I reduce my anxiety about giving and receiving feedback?
  • How do I give feedback to my manager?
  • How can I lead a difficult conversation with grace?

Elevate Academy

Run interactive trainings for your team yourself, leveraging the Elevate Academy platform and facilitator guides, offering step-by-step instructions, discussion points, and activities. Here's a sample schedule:

'Running Effective Performance Reviews'
'How to Give Feedback' and 'How to Give Praise' (two topics this week!)
'How to Set Goals' to implement feedback effectively
How to Receive Feedback' with grace and ease

Live Workshop: Running Effective Performance Reviews

Sit back while we facilitate a live workshop. Transform the performance review process into one that's both effective and empowering with our training, plus:

  • Comprehensive Preparation Checklist
  • Easy-to-follow Conversation Framework
  • Expert Tips for Effectively Managing Emotions
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No credit card required

“To prepare for performance reviews, we hosted a series of interactive training sessions available on Elevate Academy for our managers. Before Elevate, most employees were rated at 'Meets Expectations'.

Now, we are confidently using the full rating spectrum to accurately reflect individual performance. Our employees are also happier with the clear and actionable feedback they receive in their reviews. So, big thank you!”

Jonathan Kite,
CEO at Rent Ready

Build your Performance Reviews training program

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98% of managers feel more comfortable and competent to lead after being trained with Elevate