Train excellent managers that stay

Your complete management training solution, customized

Backed by neuroscience and thousands of hours coaching leaders

Managers determine if people love or hate their job. Luckily, we know management is learned.

But most managers have no formal management training

With Elevate, your managers get highly effective training – exactly when they need it, and on the precise challenges they face. This has powerful direct effects on employee retention, productivity, and the bottom line.

Building an Equitable Workplace
Justin Michael Williams • 11:03s
Running Great 1-1s
Lucy Georgiades • 09:06s
How To Have Career Conversations
Lindsey Nehls • 07:57s
How to Run Inclusive Meetings
Lindsey Nehls • 09:06s
Understanding Gender Pronouns
Justin Michael Williams • 9:29s
How to Give Feedback
Lucy Georgiades • 11:56s
Managing Remote Teams
Lucy Georgiades • 10:48s

Loved by employees.
Backed by neuroscience.

Create true behavioral changes in your managers and see an impact in the whole team.

Learn how to make your teams work with exceptionally high productivity, teamwork, and efficiency. Our techniques are rooted in experience, data, psychology, and neuroscience research. We know what works.

We partner closely with people teams to identify what success looks like, how we are going to measure it and develop a custom program that moves the needle.

98% of managers feel more comfortable and competent to lead after being trained with Elevate

Lane Shackleton,
Head of Product and Design at Coda
“Elevate Academy is an incredible resource. I wish it was available to me when I first became a manager. The courses are a great mix of philosophy, clear frameworks, and practical tips. Thanks to our wonderful People Team for making it available to our managers!”
Jonathan Kite,
CEO at Rent Ready
“To prepare for performance reviews, we hosted a series of interactive training sessions available on Elevate Academy for our managers. Before Elevate, most employees were rated at 'Meets Expectations'. Now, we are confidently using the full rating spectrum to accurately reflect individual performance. Our employees are also happier with the clear and actionable feedback they receive in their reviews. So, big thank you!”
Julia Hartz,
Founder and CEO, Eventbrite
“Elevate Founder Lucy proved to be an instrumental coach in helping me navigate my development from a thought partner to a thought leader. She helped me identify the things that were holding me back from making bolder moves in my career development. With Lucy's guidance, I was able to cultivate stronger relationships with my peers and be more effective as an executive and leader.”
Gianna Nall,
Head of Global Business Partners and at Cohesity
"We brought Elevate in to run 60 min workshops on how to give feedback that is both direct and kind. They trained 165 of our people managers and 100% agreed or strongly agreed that the content was valuable. Thank you, Elevate!"
Becca Axvig,
Director of Employee Success at Mux
“Over the past year, we have partnered with Elevate for new manager coaching, executive coaching, Leadership team workshops and Elevate Academy. Their team has delivered thoughtful content with clear and direct communication that we value. On the business front, they have it together - clear pricing, prompt responses, and a pleasure to work with.”
Heather DeAcosta,
Head of Technology at Rent Ready
“The Elevate program was a true eye-opener for me. I am able to provide constructive and honest feedback that has improved the performance of everyone on my team. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to sharpen their leadership skills and create a more positive and productive work environment.”


Lucy Georgiades & Lindsey Nehls

Who you work for is everything. Your manager determines whether you love or hate your job - if you end your day feeling energized or defeated. We created Elevate Leadership to help managers be the kind of manager they would want to work for.

Lucy studied Experimental Psychology and Neuroscience at Oxford University and has spent over a decade coaching Silicon Valley’s best and brightest. Lindsey has sat in the executive seat at a Fortune 500 company and studied at Harvard Business School.

They’ve spent thousands of hours working 1:1 with leaders, CEOs, and executive teams, have helped deliver a billion dollars in enterprise sales and led teams through all the change that comes with massive scaling, new ownership, and other challenges.