Our Mission:

To help managers
be the kind of
manager they would
want to work for


We’re passionate about developing great managers because who you work for is everything.

It changes your life. It determines if you love or hate your job, if you end your day with energy or feel drained and defeated. There are bosses we would do anything for and bosses that have severely challenged our mental health.

Management is learned. That's why we've created tools and resources backed by science, for managers to become inspiring leaders and create a better work environment for their teams.

Proven effectiveness, positive change

We are so proud of the customer relationships that we've built. We know they share our belief that who you work for is everything, and they also are committed to helping their managers be the kind of manager they would want to work for.

91% would recommend Elevate

91% of attendees say they are likely or extremely likely to recommend our workshops


98% of learners say Elevate improved their confidence to manage their team

2x industry engagement

33% of users watch more than one Elevate Academy class in a two month period, more than double the industry average of 15%

Meet our team

Matt Avero-Sturm

Head of B2B and Growth Marketing

Meri Bellitte

Business Solutions

Lucy Georgiades

Co-Founder CEO

Cristina Morales

Program manager

Lindsey Nehls

Co-Founder COO

Cayla O'leary

Director of Customer Strategy

Tifa Ong


Dale Saxman

Head of Revenue Operations

Hannah Schuler

Head of Customer Success

Jen Singer

Head of Customer Strategy

Brittany Storey

Director of Customer Success

Our Coaches & Facilitators

Jay Bowden


Jay, a Founder and Executive Coach, packs over 35 years of experience in sales and management across broadcast and digital platforms into his coaching approach. He's committed to pushing executives, teams, and leaders to their peak performance.


Mo Chanmugham

Coach and Facilitator

Mo is an Executive Leadership Coach and Workshop Facilitator with over 10 years experience helping senior-level executives.


Molly DeShazo


As a manager, Molly learned that people are her passion. She also learned that we all get stuck.


Isabel Duarte

Coach & Facilitator

Isabel is an executive coach and mindfulness teacher with 20 years of experience developing leaders in tech companies (Google, Microsoft, Tucows).


Dana Duckworth

Speaker and Facilitator

Dana Duckworth is a nationally recognized public speaker, facilitator, and DEI advocate specializing in creating inclusive spaces. With a background spanning over 12 years in multifamily housing, she brings a wealth of experience supporting asset owners and operators.


Cara-Lyn Giovanniello

Coach and Facilitator

Cara-Lyn Giovanniello is a coaching power-house out of San Francisco, CA, focusing on performance and emotional intelligence as foundations for leadership.


Gena Gorlin


Dr. Gena Gorlin is an internationally recognized licensed psychologist, clinical associate professor of psychology at the University of Texas at Austin, and executive coach specializing in the needs of ambitious founders.


Katarina Jones

Coach and Facilitator

Katarina believes that exceptional leadership is the cornerstone to overall business success, and that by partnering with an executive coach, you can amplify your influence and fast-track your personal and professional growth.


Stacey Levy

Coach and Facilitator

Stacey Levy (she/her) is an executive leadership coach, team coach, and manager development facilitator.


Leonidas Marin


Originally from Santa Marta, Colombia, Leo is driven by the idea that talent is everywhere but opportunity is not, and it’s up to organizations and leaders to set the conditions that unlock the potential in their people.


Julia Markish

Coach and Facilitator

Julia has been coaching and advising leaders on their organizational culture and practices for over two decades: she cut her teeth as a consultant at Bain & Company, led the Employee Practice at Medallia, founded the People Strategy Group at Lattice, and has an HR consulting practice.


Susy Martins


Susy is an Executive Coach who’s worked and led teams in over 20 countries across North America, Europe...


Niamh (‘Neev’) McElwain

Coach and Facilitator for EMEA and APAC

Niamh brings more than 20 years of international experience in the field of education and learning & development.


Ashley Punzalan

Coach and Facilitator

Ashley Ashley is an Executive Coach and Leadership Development Facilitator with over 18 years of experience in the field.


Jessica Rusin


Jess is an executive coach with experience as an executive, advisor, mentor and investor in startups.


Gitta Sivander

Coach and Facilitator

Gitta is an executive coach and facilitator with over 15 years of experience in professional communication, executive presence, leadership growth, confidence, and presentation coaching.


Our Values

Extreme Focus

We pick the highest impact work and get it done. We are a small team so we make sure we focus on the work that moves the needle the farthest and fastest for our customers.

Agility Matters

Trends and ideas are constantly evolving, so to stay ahead of the curve we must be nimble enough to adjust and respond quickly. We are committed to staying relevant and meeting people where they are.

Keep it in Perspective

We’re not saving babies here! Permission to have fun. We like feeling the pressure but we don’t want the stress.  We want everyone who works with us to enjoy being part of the team and every one of our customers to enjoy their interactions with us.

Dedication to Data

Without data we are just guessing. People don't always behave or engage with us the way we expect or predict so we use data to understand our customers better and make the right decisions.