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Elevate leadership training programs help everyone level up, from seasoned executives to first-time managers

Level up your team with custom Elevate leadership training

Our custom in-house leadership training programs invite you to pick and choose the elements that best suit the needs of your company. They can include: virtual or in-person workshops, coaching sessions, participant data analysis, and access to on-demand content from Elevate Academy.


Virtual or in-person workshops

Our leadership workshops are designed to be informative, actionable, and engaging, with content designed to maximize learning and create lasting practices for the future. We use a combination of real-life examples and personal case studies to help leaders apply their learnings immediately.

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1-on-1 participant coaching sessions

Research shows that when training is paired with coaching, the likelihood that the participants apply the learning increases by 39%. The coaching sessions are designed to address any challenges with the content, answer follow-up questions on the material and help the attendee plan how to integrate their new action items and frameworks into their day-to-day.

"Elevate's custom content was a great solution for our growing team of leaders. We needed to increase the capability and confidence of our leaders to embrace feedback and create meaningful dialogue with our teammates. The content was rich with science, data and specific examples tied to our business."

Jennifer Taylor,
Head of People, ThousandEyes


Summary of feedback, learnings, and data

Over the course of the program, we collect a lot of data from training, individual coaching sessions, and the refresher, giving us unique insights into the challenges leaders in your company are facing. We summarize this data and and present them to the executive team with recommendations.


Access to Elevate Academy on-demand classes

Research shows that 70% of a workshop is forgotten within a day so we created Elevate Academy to enable ongoing learning. Elevate Academy is a membership based community that provides on-demand access to our content via beautifully produced short-form classes. Participants receive access to the classes to support retention of the managing techniques they learned during workshops and 1-on-1 sessions.

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O. Katrich
Head of Global Payroll, ThousandEyes
“I feel very fortunate for an opportunity ThousandEyes gave me. As a part of the Management Fundamentals Program, we were able to work individually with a personal trainer. I worked with Marie Myrberg and she was absolutely brilliant! From our first session I felt I was talking to a great friend who helped me to dive into a center of complex situations, walked me through the discovery stage, up to a moment I was able to reach resolution point(s). The process seemed so natural and very rewarding. I feel Marie equipped me with strong tools to be a better manager and a leader.”
Becca Axvig
Head of People, Mux
"Over the past year, we have partnered with Elevate for new manager coaching, executive coaching, workshops for our leadership team, and sampled Elevate Academy. Their team has delivered thoughtful content with clear and direct communication that we value. On the business front, they have it together - clear pricing, prompt responses, and a pleasure to work with."
D. Sinha
Director of Engineering, ThousandEyes
"Everybody, however successful they are, has a blind spot. A coach can see that and help you become aware. I got in touch with Marie through an amazing leadership session at our company. She has a unique approach of asking great probing questions, which helps me to dig deeper in my own mind and heart to discover the answers rather than just getting answers. This way I feel more connected to the solution and able to take action steps. Marie is very approachable and personable. I would recommend her to anybody who is in path to discover themselves and grow in leadership effectiveness!"