Develop Great Managers in 90 mins

We are on a mission to help managers be the kind of manager they would want to work for. We've spent 12 years coaching leaders with content anchored in real-world experience, data, and neuroscience. Our live workshops create lasting habit-based practices for the future.

   Elevate Leadership Development Program:  

Driven by science and experience

We pride ourselves on having the most relevant and actionable content, with the techniques and frameworks we teach being rooted in experience (through hundreds of hours of coaching), data (from training thousands of managers), as well as psychology and neuroscience research. We deeply understand the challenges leaders face and we know what works.


Management workshops designed to help you thrive

From interactive modules to real-life examples and proven techniques, our workshops are designed to be as engaging as they are effective.

  • You’ll learn science-based tips, techniques and frameworks to apply immediately
  • You won’t get bored - these are fast-paced and interactive
  • Your confidence to manage will increase
  • You’ll use real-life examples as case studies so it’s relevant to you
  • You’ll create habits to retain what you learn

"I feel armed with enough tools to be a more direct and effective manager. I feel more confidence in handling conflict and guiding individuals on a better path to growth."

— Jillian Locks, VP of Product, Hatch

Featured Workshops

1: Management Essentials

We look at 5 management techniques to help people feel prepared, confident and connected to their team. We cover how to build trust with individuals, how to achieve psychological safety, listening techniques, how to run great 1:1s and how to delegate effectively.

2: Time and Energy Management

We cover how to manage your energy (physical and emotional) and identify when you work best. You'll also learn some tricks and tips to use with your team to help them de-stress. We look at how you're allocating your time and what you need to do to be efficient and make time for the high impact things.

3: Feedback and Praise

Learn the science behind praise and what an effective tool it can be to improve motivation and performance. You will leave with a 4-point structure that will change the way you give praise and make it far more effective. Have a hard time giving constructive feedback? Learn the science behind it and a framework you can use to have a conversation you have been putting off.

4: Managing Remote Teams

In this workshop we use a model to categorize practical tips into 3 core areas to proactively focus on when managing remote folks. Whether your whole team is remote or just a few people we’ll help you find ways to better connect and feel productive.

5: How to Run Inclusive Meetings and Flex Your Management Style

Creating an inclusive environment for all employees is a core skill for every manager. In this class we learn 5 skills to create an inclusive team that everyone loves being a part of. We also learn Elevate's version of Situational Leadership to meet your team where they are and provide them with the support they need.

6: Mastering Tough Conversations

You learn how to prepare and have these conversations effectively and how to help others control their emotions in the moment. "At the heart of almost all chronic problems in our teams and our relationships lie crucial conversations - ones that we're not holding, or not holding well." (Patterson et al)

7: Coaching Fundamentals (2 Hours)

Using coaching as a leadership technique can dramatically increase the quality of your relationships with your direct reports. They learn how to learn, feel more ownership over their work and feel more confident in their abilities. Coaching saves you time and energy too! We cover coaching fundamentals using the GROW model and when/how to use it

8: How to Think Strategically

What does it really mean? We will take a deep dive into what you can do to think strategically and what practical changes you can make in your day-to-day to be more strategic. We make this as actionable as possible with a simple 4-step process.

9: How to Manage Through Change

Learn how to embrace the change to get yourself and your team onboard. Proactively monitor your team's reactions using Elevate’s Change Management Checklist to help you and your team navigate the change. Put in the homework and lean on your empathy skills

10: Train the Trainer

In this workshop we give you the tips and tricks to feel confident facilitating your own live training with your team. You'll learn how best to prepare in the shortest time possible, how to think about logistics on the day, and best practices for levelling up your facilitation. We'll also teach you other essential skills like how to ask great quality questions and how to get back on course should something or someone derail the conversation. You got this!

11: How to Run Performance Reviews

We learn how to prepare for performance reviews and study 3 helpful skills to help us land the message in the moment. We learn how to structure the meeting, separate constructive feedback from praise, manage emotions and set personal goals for the next quarter.

12: How to Have Career Conversations

One of the main reasons people are loyal to companies is because they feel their career growth is invested in. In this class you’ll learn how to structure a career conversation, what questions to ask, how to set goals and tips on how to follow up.

13: Team Building and Communication

Communication often goes wrong because we hear things through our own filters, and we fail to understand the other person's perspective. This workshop is all about understanding your team members better so that you can collaborate and communicate more effectively. The workshop leverages the DiSC assessment as a tool to deepen your understanding of yourself and help you articulate your communication tendencies to your team. Leave the workshop having actionable ways in which you can adjust your communication depending who on your team you are working with.

*There is an additional fee of $72 per person for the DiSC assessment.


1-on-1 participant coaching sessions

Research shows that when training is paired with coaching, the likelihood that the participants apply the learning increases by 39%. The coaching sessions are designed to address any challenges with the content, answer follow-up questions on the material and help the attendee plan how to integrate their new action items and frameworks into their day-to-day.

"165 of our people managers participated in Elevate workshops on how to give feedback and 100% agreed or strongly agreed that the content was valuable."

Gianna Nall
Head of Global Business Partners and Employee Experience, Cohesity

Looking for something specific?

If you don’t see a workshop that covers the topic you need, don’t worry. Although it's not listed here, there's a good chance we've probably already built it—or we can design it for you!

"Thank you so much for yesterday, I left feeling very inspired and I'm so looking forward to implementing what I've learned this week, and throughout my career."

— Natalie Gavello, Talent, Kleiner Perkins


Access to Elevate Academy on-demand classes

Research shows that 70% of a workshop is forgotten within a day so we created Elevate Academy to enable ongoing learning. Elevate Academy is a membership based community that provides on-demand access to our content via beautifully produced short-form classes. Participants receive access to the classes to support retention of the managing techniques they learned during workshops and 1-on-1 sessions.

Explore Elevate Academy
Richard Price
Founder & CEO, Academia
“I think the most magical parts of the day were the parts where you were role-playing and ad libbing how you might respond to a question. At those moments I thought 'wow' that's amazing. They were the wow moments.”
Myra Zheng
Director, People Ops
“Lucy is an amazing coach and great trainer! Lucy lead a half day leadership bootcamp for all of our managers and every single manager left the bootcamp feeling empowered. She presented tools that our managers can apply quickly to ensure that they're the best manager they can be for their team.”
Nick Popoff
Director of Engineering, Eventbrite
"I found the training has helped me with my goal of building new relationships across the company and giving me more situational tools to use in my conversations with my direct reports and their teams. Some of my peers have noticed that my direct reports take more ownership and are more engaged and it's lead to many conversations about how to take a coaching approach to management and collaboration.”
Naureen Seyal
Former Head of People Ops, Medium
“Elevate has been a great asset for Medium. Team members find Lucy supportive, empathetic, knowledgeable, and generally wonderful to work with. From 1:1 coaching sessions with managers to facilitating workshops in our leadership labs series, Lucy has provided us with valuable insights and frameworks that we can use on a regular basis (not to mention, her sessions have consistently been the favorites of the group). I enjoy partnering with Lucy on our L&D needs and look forward to continuing to leverage her expertise as our company scales.”
Madison Morales
Talent, General Catalyst
“Videos are thorough but concise, very engaging and 100% actionable! Really fun to watch.”
Jayesh Parmar
Site Manager, Eventbrite
"I have recently participated in Elevate's coaching course, which was exemplary. I came away with actionable tools and training to engage structured conversations which help guide individuals a way forward to succeed beyond their boundaries, goals, or own expectations."
Charlotte Schmiegel Chief of Staff, C-Labs
“We invited Marie to speak at our C Labs Fall Retreat about "Influence when it Matters". Marie made a true impact from day one given her wealth of experience from working with different company sizes. I was very impressed with the quality of Marie's workshop. It was very well organized, very personable since Marie new all attendees names and the energy was excellent thanks to Marie's natural aptitude for connecting with people. It was a great experience working with Marie and she made a true impact on the outcome of our event, therefore I strongly recommend bringing Marie onboard."
Alison Darcy
Founder, Woebot Labs
“Great practical skills for day-to-day management and more effective leadership in general.”