Coaching for All Levels of Leadership

We help leaders of all levels at some of today's most successful companies become more confident, focused, and effective in their day-to-day through 1:1 executive coaching, performance coaching, coaching office hours or group coaching.

The fastest way to create meaningful and sustained change

We’ve helped thousands of leaders unlock critical management skills.

  • Accelerate their impact when they join a new company
  • Feel more confident in themselves and bolder in their decision making
  • Achieve goals much quicker from greater clarity, focus and accountability
  • Confide in a thought partner to help unblock and solve key business and interpersonal challenges
  • Gain a higher level of self-awareness and get to the root cause of an issue to break old patterns
  • Work more effectively with their peers
  • Manage and motivate their team
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Personalized Management Training with a Coach

This is a 6 month coaching package to up-skill and support manager professional development. It includes:


This is broken down into a 60 minute session at the start of the month and 30 minutes mid month.


Elevate Academy is our on-demand membership-based platform with 5-10 min videos on all the most critical management topics. The content is science-based, highly practical and engaging to watch. The membership you buy with this package lasts a whole year.


The coach and the coachee will co-design a program based on the coachee's personal development goals and the management skills they feel less confident about.


Based on the program, the coach will recommend further resources to watch, read or exercises to do.

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"Lucy proved to be an instrumental coach in helping me navigate my development from a thought partner to a thought leader. She helped me identify the things that were holding me back from making bolder moves in my career development. With Lucy's guidance, I was able to cultivate stronger relationships with my peers and be more effective as an executive and leader."

Julia Hartz
CEO, Eventbrite

1:1 Executive Coaching

Intro Call

30 minute call to discuss their goals for coaching and working together.

Light 360 Feedback Report

Coachee selects 3 stakeholders to interview (30 minutes each) to get a 360 degree view of how they show up and are perceived by others.

Action Plan

This is how we track progress. Based on the 360 feedback and the coachee's personal goals we co-create an action plan outlining the goals and what success looks.

90-Min Sessions Every Other Week

The agenda is set by the coaachee, though our coaches can provide more structure if needed. They are always encouraged to bring a current challenge they're facing to the session. (Note: We can also schedule weekly sessions for an hour.)

On-Demand Coaching

If something urgent comes up and they need to check in outside the scheduled coaching session, we are here for them.

Coaching Office Hours

Coaching office hours is a great cost-effective option to provide individual 1:1 coaching to a large group of managers. A coach is available for a set time of the week or month for 4 x 1 hour coaching sessions. Managers can sign up for a session as and when they need (though we'd suggest limiting sign-ups to one session per person per month, depending on demand!)

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Group Coaching

Group Coaching is a great way to learn together and from one another, build community and drive accountability. Group coaching can follow an Elevate workshop or leverage Elevate Academy content. Participants get to ask the tricky questions and understand more clearly how to use what they've learned in their day-to-day. People love social learning!

Group coaching sessions last 1 hour each and are designed for 2-10 people. They are best run as a series.

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Robbie Lim
Senior Director, Head of APAC BD, Twitch
“I was able to significantly increase my awareness and learn of a number of blind spots in how I viewed management as well as how my teammates viewed me. I changed my entire philosophy on management and approach to problem solving via a coaching-first mentality.”
Qi Jin,
Head of Payment Experience and Platform, Stripe
“Before we started working together my leadership style was to solve problems by doing and by always taking on more. I have grown to learn true leadership building and presence, an understanding I wished I had learned many years ago while working in a high management role at Google. During my year of executive coaching with Gitta, I have grown my scope and built a very strong team, which I see as a success in my journey as a leader. Gitta is a great listener, she always asks the right profound questions which take me deeper into my learning and understanding of my role. I highly recommend her!”
Pascal Levy-Garboua
Venture Partner, Long Journey Ventures
"When you are a founder, you tend to both feel lonely and too focused on the details vs. the big picture. Working with Lucy gives me an opportunity to step back, feel listened to, and make progress in how I lead my team and my Company. For first time founder or serial founders, I think Lucy will be a tremendous help and help you grow your Company!"
Conrad Irwin
CTO and Co-Founder, Superhuman
“From working with Lindsey I've become more self-confident, and have both a better understanding of my strengths and weaknesses and also techniques to keep improving. It's helped me bring structure to my team and provide authentic leadership.”
S. Shrivastava,
Principal Interaction Designer, Splunk
“Marie transformed my life for the better when I was looking for internal strength that could help me outperform in my personal and professional life. She always approached me as a friend more than a mentor to closely understand me, connect with me, and guide me through areas that I needed improvements. She uplifted me every single time, irrespective of whether I showed signs of growth or not and that was the most powerful tool of her's that kept me going. I would highly recommend her as a coach who would bring out the best in you by helping you explore your strengths and internal happiness.”
Sophia Chew
Director of CEOs Office, Medium
“I have changed as a result of my coaching with Lindsey in more ways than one. The primary one being that I have much more confidence in my actions and have been able to assert myself in ways that I had not been able to before. She's helped me think through all my thoughts and ideas in my mind and helped me solidify them in a way that's clear and concise. She's also helped me talk through all my doubts and has saved me from my own self sabotage by helping me think through all my ideas with a calming and tactful presence. With the clarity I've gotten through my coaching sessions with Lindsey, I've become more confident in my role and don't doubt myself as I step into new territories of my career.”
Kerry McCracken
Vice President, Business Architecture & Delivery, Flextronics
"If you are serious about wanting to take charge of your career and insure you bring the best possible you to work every day, hire Lucy. Amazing things can happen from there! She has a fantastic ability to mirror back to you the things you need to work on and give you real tools and techniques to make impactful changes that are right and natural for you. Leadership does not truly come naturally. It is a set of skills that can be learned through great coaches like Lucy."
Ken Yagen
CPO, Product Management and Technology Leader, Symphony
“Gitta helped me rock my recent product keynote at Symphony Innovate. Her advice and regular presentation coaching sessions helped me prepare and be ready for the event and taught me all sorts of things I never had considered even though I've been giving these types of presentations for years now. Thank you Gitta!”
Monica Freedman
GM of Digital Omnichannel, Alo Yoga
“I was fortunate to work with Lucy Georgiades as my executive coach as I transitioned from an informal to a formal cross functional team leader, the leap stretching me in all ways and demanding leveling up in short order. Lucy was an essential part of my development, providing me with tools, introducing me to methodologies and facilitating the development of my own voice and approach as a leader. Her coaching not only served me in that role but has continued to serve me 5+ years later and allowed me to support others as they make a similar jump in their careers.”
Steven Tebbe
“Marie is an excellent coach who will recharge your batteries with positive energy. Marie gracefully combines being structured and methodological with empathy and thoughtfulness. As a coach, she brings a wealth of knowledge about behavioural science and human nature. The activities she proposes are tailored to achieve the goal that is pursued. During these four years of our common work, Marie has not only made us grow unstoppably, but also encouraged more cross-pillar collaboration and facing any misunderstanding before it escalates. We are utterly grateful to her for all her support and feel extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with her.”
Tramale Turner
Engineering Manager and Head of Snacks, Stripe
“My time with Gitta was rewarding from two perspectives. First, becoming comfortable with naming the challenges I faced helped me to define sometimes abstract concepts, and to deliberately focus on the work to improve outcomes for myself and my team. Secondly, Gitta never gave me answers. Instead, she was relentless in challenging me to surface the answers she knew I already held within, and supported me trusting in my own resilience, adaptability, and aptitude to work rigorously through growth opportunities. I value the time we've spent together deeply, and would encourage leaders at any level to consider working with her if they intend to become better versions of themselves.”