Dana Duckworth

Speaker and Facilitator

Dana Duckworth is a nationally recognized public speaker, facilitator, and DEI advocate specializing in creating inclusive spaces. With a background spanning over 12 years in multifamily housing, she brings a wealth of experience supporting asset owners and operators. Dana's transparency and commitment to cultivating spaces of belonging have been integral to her success.

Recognized as a certified employee resource group leader and the 2023 National Apartment Association DEI Champion of the Year, Dana has consistently demonstrated her expertise in driving diversity, equity, and inclusion. Her DEI certification from the University of South Florida, coupled with a B.S. in Sociology from HBCU Norfolk State University, equips her with a deep understanding of social dynamics and inclusive community-building. Dana continues to hone her skills by studying at The Diversity Institute.

In addition to her multifamily housing background, Dana's experience at tech company Zumper further enhances her skill set. Her time there as a DEI Champion solidified her passion for fostering diverse and inclusive workplaces. As a sought-after speaker and facilitator, Dana creates safe environments for open dialogue, empowering individuals from all backgrounds to share their perspectives and feel valued. Her authentic approach resonates with audiences, making her a catalyst for positive change in various contexts.

"Dana's engaging style captivated our teams from the outset. She possesses the rare ability to both command a room and draw people in, maintaining high levels of interaction and participation throughout her sessions. It is not just her style that makes her such a compelling speaker – Dana also delivers substance. Her wealth of knowledge in the field is truly impressive, and she shares it in a way that is accessible and interesting to all."

Crystal Dukes

Director of Education, Training & DEI Strategy

“I appreciate a person who doesn't gatekeep their way to success. Dana genuinely cares for people, which is displayed in her training sessions and overall demeanor. I feel comfortable speaking with Dana and appreciate her honest feedback."

Faith Marts

National Trainer