Julia Markish

Coach and Facilitator

Julia has been coaching and advising leaders on their organizational culture and practices for over two decades: she cut her teeth as a consultant at Bain & Company, led the Employee Practice at Medallia, founded the People Strategy Group at Lattice, and has an HR consulting practice. What she finds most professionally meaningful is unlocking business success for executives by forging stronger connections — with themselves, their colleagues, their employees, their customers — and finding humanity in their day-to-day.  She does this by helping business leaders understand the role they play in the challenges their companies encounter, and by helping them design systems in which they and their people can thrive.

As a coach, Julia pulls on her own experience as a tech startup executive as well as her training in Executive Clarity Coaching, a philosophy that focuses on turning confusion to clarity by examining the fundamentals of human interaction. She has coached executives through IPOs, promotions, career transitions, and pandemics. As a facilitator, Julia calls on her consulting skills: she starts with the end goal in mind, builds team experiences according their individual cultures, and works closely with her clients to ensure the time is not only enjoyable, but truly valuable for the months and years ahead. A natural empath and extrovert, Julia's passion for connection shines through in every one of her engagements. And with a past client list that ranges from Roche to Ford Motor Company to Anaplan, she has a deep well of experience to bring to bear.  

Julia graduated summa cum laude with a BA from Cornell University and has her MBA from Stanford Business School. She speaks French and Russian reasonably fluently, and can keep up in Spanish as well. She lives in San Francisco with her wife and their cat, where is an avid supporter of LGBTQIA+ causes, coffee drinker, and art lover.