Katarina Jones

Coach and Facilitator

Katarina believes that exceptional leadership is the cornerstone to overall business success, and that by partnering with an executive coach, you can amplify your influence and fast-track your personal and professional growth. She particularly enjoys helping her clients find their authentic leadership style, so that they can achieve better outcomes as they tackle tricky leadership situations. With a knack for connecting dots, and distilling complex ideas, Katarina’s clients report that she helps them gain clarity, streamline their thoughts, and determine actionable next steps. Her coaching experience spans all levels of organizations, from first-time managers to CEOs, at companies small and large, from early-stage startups to industry leaders like Sony, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Google. She also coached students and taught a course on leadership & professional development at Berkeley Haas Business School. Prior to becoming a coach, Katarina held Strategy & Operations leadership roles in London and Silicon Valley, where she led teams, scaled businesses, and spearheaded market expansions for startups and high growth tech companies. She also served as an operations executive at Worklete, a startup that was later acquired by StageFund. These experiences taught her how to navigate complex executive dynamics, set ambitious goals, strategically prioritize, and lead through times of challenge and uncertainty. In short, she knows what it’s like to sit on the other side of the table.

Katarina holds the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential from the International Coaching Federation, and received her training at the Hudson Institute of Coaching. She has also trained with Co-Active Training Institute, Organizational Relationship Systems Coaching, and Positive Intelligence. She holds a master's degree from King's College London. When she’s not playing with her daughter and husband, she loves swimming, writing fantasy novels, and working on her leadership podcast, which brings together diverse perspectives from unexpected places, such as an FBI Agent and a CEO comparing notes about staying calm under pressure. She speaks English and German.

“Working with Katarina resulted in measurable improvements in the quality of my work. My relationships with colleagues strengthened, which led to better collaboration, and stronger results. But to get those outcomes, I needed to first look within. Coaching is like therapy but for work. Kataraina helped me by holding up a mirror to myself to see my patterns and behaviors - and use those insights to help me show up as my best self in my work. Rather than telling me what to do, she co-created solutions with me that would feel right to me in my particular context. She also helped me sustain growth outside of the coaching process by identifying structures I could use to reflect and improve on my own."

Ramya Gopal

Managing Director, Product, PowerMyLearning

“Effective coaching has been one of the most valuable resources in my career, and Katarina is a rockstar of a coach. She’s supported me in my leadership through thoughtful questions, fresh perspectives, and a caring approach. She has worked with me to come up with solutions that are sincere and authentic to who I am as a person and leader within my organization. Katarina’s coaching is attentive, creative, and empowering.”

Mason Waite

Director, Asset ManManagement, BKM Capital Partners