Stacey Levy

Coach and Facilitator

Stacey Levy (she/her) is an executive leadership coach, team coach, and manager development facilitator. She has over 25 years experience as a people manager, leading large, high growth sales and marketing teams at companies like Facebook and Google. 

Stacey is passionate about every human having a manager who creates the conditions for success, growth, equity, and belonging. She has coached and trained over 10,000 managers and leaders in her career, including CEOs, founders, senior leaders, and managers of all levels. She loves working with clients to unlock potential for themselves, their teams, and their organizations.  

Over her tenure, Stacey has led multi million dollar sales organizations increasing YoY sales by 300%, launched new global revenue streams and GTM strategy, and has been instrumental in creating positive culture shifts in large global scale sales organizations. As Head of Manager Culture and Manager Development teams, she led large scale change management, and designed and executed global training + playbooks to drive manager success. 

She is currently an Executive Sales Coach at Google and serves on the Google Mastery Faculty as Facilitator, Trainer and Coach.  She holds the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential from the International Coaching Federation, and studied at the Co-Active Training Institute. She has additional coach certifications with ORSC (Organizational Relationship Systems Coaching), with Positive Intelligence, and with Andiron as a practitioner in the Key Polarity Indicator tool for leaders and teams. 

Stacey lives in the Bay Area, empty nesting with husband Evan of 32 years (and 3 golden doodles) and enjoys spending time with her 3 young adult children and friends.  When she is not having a perfect day as coach and facilitator, her other perfect day is a hike, dog walk, time with family and friends, enjoying good music, playing games, and a fabulous cheese board.

“I enthusiastically recommend Stacey Levy, Executive Coach extraordinaire. Stacey helped me to see and appreciate new perspectives and build tools for improvement in my management style and collaborations with co-workers. She helped me identify skills I didn't know I had and led me to tap into talents to motivate and lead to valuable results for our business. With Stacey's careful listening, supportive guidance, helpful exercises, I was able to improve my leadership abilities, communicate more effectively and restore relationships to help our cross-functional team work together through challenging situations with respect and innovative thinking. I refer back to sessions with Stacey when facing new challenges, as the insights I uncovered are evergreen and deepen over time.”

Michelle Kaufman

Architect, Director of R+D for the Built Environment, Google

“I worked with Stacey through some of the most challenging transitions of my career and can say with confidence that she is a phenomenal coach, facilitator, and leader. Stacey accompanied me on my journey from managing a rapidly scaling team at Google, to leaving to start a new company, to fundraising, and then to scaling a team again. Throughout that time, Stacey was an invaluable resource to me. She balanced listening with guidance and challenged what I thought was possible. Stacey helped me build the skills and mental fortitude to develop and progress towards personal and professional goals and provided the support, encouragement, and wise counsel I so desperately needed at that time. It is no exaggeration to say that she made me a better, happier, and more resilient person. Working with her has been a real gift.”

Eitan Marder-Eppstein

CEO Hippo Harvest